Eldritch Moon Art

Usually when I am commissioned by Magic the Gathering it is to create new artwork for cards. This was a rare instance when it wasn't for a card. The artwork was for a set teaser and other promotional uses. I always enjoy seeing how our images get animated in the Magic the Gathering trailers. This one was spotted in the Eldritch Moon release : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiehdxHTFR8

Here is the art description I received. 

Action:  The Gatewatch has been overrun by cultists and transformed villagers.  This is a tight shot with the four planeswalkers pressed together by the swarming malformed figures.  They try to defend themselves against reaching arms, slashing weapons and writhing tentacles, but their efforts are useless.  Gideon is sweaty and gritting his teeth in determination.  He attempts to raise his weapon in defense, but his sural arm is pinned down. Nissa and Chandra might have both of their arms raised as if to cast spells, but their arms are being grabbed by cultists. Jace has one hand pressed to his temple while he attempts to cast protective mind magic but it is disrupted by the attack. Without Jace’s mental protection, and with the growing number of enemies around them, panic has set into the Planeswalkers’ faces.  

This is the sketch I submitted:

The "tight shot" wasn't as tight as it needed to be. The people at Magic were hoping to see a little more of Nissa as well.  Here is the approved sketch I later submitted:

The final artwork: